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About Us

At Computer Aid, we service Desktops, Laptops, Netbooks and other computer devices. We also create and maintain websites along with content creation such as video and audio needs for the web. We do create custom graphics for our clients. We also buy used Laptops for part salvaging. These parts are then put back on the market to fix others computers. This means that they are being recycled instead of being disposed of in local landfills. This is good for everyone. These parts are sold to buyers for low prices. Have a look around our site.

Our eBay store was created in 2011. This store was created with two goals in mind. First is to allow individuals to purchase unique parts for their computers and other electronics. Repair of these items can be very costly, but we offer parts as low as possible as well as advice in how to fix these machines. We want to make it as inexpensive as possible to our customers to fix or repair computers and electronics. We pride ourselves in keeping this cost as low as possible for our customers. Second is making sure that unused computers and electronics don't end up in our landfills. We do this in two ways: the first is by purchasing older computers and electronics so we can remove any good parts from them and resell them; second is by offering these parts to customers at low cost so they don't end up in their local landfill. It is possible to repair and replace many parts of computers and electronics. By repairing them we help ourselves out. We pride ourselves in being very friendly to our environment. In 2013 the eBay store started to sell services over the Internet. These services in the eBay store can now reach our customers who are not able to come to our local shop. Stop by our eBay store today to see what we have available, we are always adding new products and services to the store.

Our on-line Computer Aid store was created in 2017. This store was created as an extension to our eBay store. It features many of the items we have in our eBay store plus items that are not available.

At Computer Aid we always give the best quality service for the lowest possible price. If you are not satisfied with a service or part we have given to you, let us know right away and we will ether correct the issue or refund your money. We pride ourselves in our work we do. Give us a call at 518-578-6217 today to meet your needs.